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  • Aubergine Parmigiana   £8.45                                                                                 Baked Aubergine in a homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

  • Capesante e Gamberi                                                                                                                 £12.45                                                                                     Fresh Scallops, Tiger prawns, petit pois, vodka shellfish veloute

  • Spiedini Gamberoni e Tonno  £12.45                                                                                               Skewers of King prawns and tuna marinated with garlic and herbs served on a bed of caponata topped with fresh cherry tomato bruschetta

  • Crostini Sicani  £8.95                                                                                               Crostini of Sicilian sausages, mushroom with a tomato ragu

  • Spiedini di Pollo aromatici £9.95                                                                                                         Chicken Skewers marinated with herbs and garlic served with a mini cheese fondue, garnished with rocket and parmesan shavings

  • £7.45                                                                                                         Sicilian-style  rice balls, with a choice of stuffing of Bolognese, ham, peas, Mozzarella cheese  or Spinach and ricotta served on a bed of tomato and basil sauce (210g)

  • Guazzetto di cozze e gamberi£11.95

       A broth of mussels and tiger prawns served with a hand squashed light spicy tomato and homemade               bruschetta

  • Mozzarella e ricotta, parma ham£10.95

Homemade focaccia topped with fresh pacchino cherry tomato, lemon flavoured ricotta, parma ham, sunblush tomato and hand shredded mozzarella

  • Zuppa di verdure e polpette£8.45

Creamy Sicilian style vegetable soup, homemade meatballs, focaccia croutons and parmesan


  • Pappardelle alla parmigiana£12.45

Pappardelle with Sicilian style parmigiana, shredded buffalo mozzarella topped with ricotta served in a parcel

  • Pappardelle al Brasato£13.45                                                                       Pappardelle with slow braised beef with red wine and a rich homemade tomato sauce, parmesan shavings

  • Ravioli di Aragosta£17.45                                                                                      Lobster ravioli with langoustines and tiger prawns, sea bass fillet, cherry tomato, white wine, touch of tomato

  • Mezzi ziti arrotolati£12.95

Cream of ricotta and pesto, petit pois, wild mushroom finished with lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil and sun-blush tomato

  • Carbonara alla Palermitana£12.95                                                                            Carbonara as you know with a Sicilian twist, and a creamy parmesan sauce

  • Ravioli al Pomodoro.  £12.45                                                                                   Spinach and ricotta ravioli served in a rich tomato sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella cheese and parmesan

  • Linguine fragranze di mare£14.95

Medley of mixed fish, langoustine in a rich seafood tomatosauce served in a parcel garnished with grated bottarga

  • Ravioli al cinghiale£14.95

Wild boar ravioli, porchetta, pancetta and a saffron veloute topped with dolcelatte and parmesan cheese

  • Lasagne grande gusto£11.45

Sheets of spinach lasagna, Sicilian style meatballs, salami, petit pois, mozzarella, parmesan and bechamel sauce


  • Risotto crema di scampi£13.95

Arborio rice, king prawns, langoustine, sicilian style shellfish velouté, flavoured with vodka

  • Risotto salsiccia, piselli e zafferano£13.95                                                                            Sicilian fennel sausage, peas, creamy saffron sauce

  • Risotto funghi e dolcelatte£13.95

Arborio rice, dolcelatte cheese, wild mushroom, cherry tomato, topped with rocket and parmesan shavings


  • Regina Margherita£10.50                                                                                            Fior di latte, tomato, fresh basil

  • Pizza Stromboli£12.95

Pepperoni, Ventricina Salami, Sicilian sausage and pancetta

  • £11.00                                                                                                               Ham, mushroom, Fior di latte, cherry tomato

  • Verdure, spinaci e ricotta£12.00                                                                                     Medley of mixed veg, spinach, ricotta, Fior di latte

  • Prosciutto di Parma£13.45                                                                                           With parma ham, ricotta, pomodorino confit, Fior di latte and rocket

  • Bianca e verde£13.45                                                                                                              White base pizza, King prawns, spinach, Fior di latte, lemon flavouerd courgette

  • Pizza Cremosa£13.95

Slow cooked porchetta, roasted chicken, spinach, crushed garlic roasted potato, fiordilatte

  • Pizza Parmigiana£12.45

Tomato, fiordilatte, homemade sicilian style parmigiana finished with shredded buffalo mozzarella and pesto

All our pizzas can be done open or folded as calzone style




  • Stinco alla birra£18.95

Slow cooked lamb shank braised in Sicilian beer served on a bed of herb and garlic crushed potato, caponata puree finished with honey, lemon zest and its own lamb reduction

  • Stracetti di pollo, gamberi, langoustine, rucola£16.00                                                                    Strips of chicken, tiger prawns, langoustines, cherry tomatoes, white wine, lemon scent

  • Arrosto di Porchetta e Salssiccia£15.95

Duo of porchetta and Sicilian fennel sausage, petit pois, roast peppers, onion and a spicy cacciatora sauce garnished with borlotti beans

  • Tagliata alla robiespierre £23.45                                                                                                               10oz Cuts of Rib eye of beef marinated with my own secret herb dressing, served with rocket, parmesan and green peppercorns on a bed of spinach and asparagus

  • Cartoccio di pesce£23.95

Parcel of mixed fish, Seabass, langoustine, king prawns, Argentinian tiger prawns and fresh mussels with cherry tomato, garlic, white wine

  • Pollo Inpadella£16.00

Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella served with wild mushroom and pancetta in a dolcelatte saffron sauce

  • Spigola e spiedini di tonno£19.95

Pan fried seabass fillet topped with fresh bruschetta garnished with a marinated tuna skewer on a bed of herb crushed potato topped with an Argentinian tiger prawn, white wine and garlic reduction

  • Stracetti di manzo, salsa verde e pomodorini£19.45

Strips of beef, wild mushroom, diced pancetta, tomatoes served on a bed of fresh spinach and salsa verde

  • Bistecca bella donna£24.95

10oz rib eye steak served with fresh langoustine and king prawns on a bed of asparagus with a seafood bisque (ask if lobster is available if you wish, ask for price details)


  • Mixed salad or Fennel and white wine potato

  • Saffron risotto

  • Rocket and parmesan shavings


All available for takeaway with a 15 % discount, collection only

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