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All roads may lead to Rome, but over the course of history, all sea lanes have led to Sicily.

Sicily is a beautiful island perfectly situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, enjoying the benefits of its climate, its culture and its beautifully preserved architectural remains from various powers throughout its long history- the Greeks, the Romans, Spanish and Phoenicians to name just a few.

The rich mixture provided by these invaders, and its close proximity to the sea, has also contributed to the variety of Sicily’s cuisine.

Our chef, Alessandro, developed his passion for food from his homeland of Sicily and has since developed his repertoire with menus from other European countries.

Presently, he has been freelancing for 5 years here in the North East, and decided Morpeth would be where he would lay his roots and indulge us in some rich tantilizing Sicilian cuisine.

This is his inspiration here at “Made in Sicilia”.

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