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Kids Menu Made in Sicilia Morpeth @ The Plough Inn


Childs Pizza or Childs Calzone                £6.95

Pick and choose your ingredients

Lemon breaded chicken                          £6.95

Served with salad or fries

Pollo di griglia                                           £6.95

Grilled chicken and julienne of veg, honey and lemon zest

Focaccia polpettine e patatine              £7.45

Mini focaccia topped with fries and meatballs and of course a bit of fiordilatte cheese       

Mezzi ziti al pomodoro                           £6.95

Mezzi ziti pasta with a slow cooked tomato sauce and parmesan cheese

Linguine carbonara                                  £6.95

The right way – no cream!! Loads of love!!

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